I grew up in Malindi and spent my childhood and years after college
on the ocean alongside the Swahili community or Bajun. I trained as
an artist and worked for years in the tourist business, both in sports
fishing and guiding safaris to the interior of Kenya.

On my return to Malindi in 2003, the local Malindi fishing community
asked to help take up their cause to the relevant authorities and to try
to persuade them to manage and sustain their delicate and
decidedly dying reef systems.

The elders introduced me to Athman Seif, who had recently returned
to Malindi to assist the local community. With the elders' support, we
embarked together upon months of meetings, some with
government officials and many organizing the grass roots.

Ours is a long and difficult road. There are so many problems to
solve to ensure a sustainable inshore and offshore livelihood. We do
what we can with our very limited resources and hope for outside
help to our Malindi Marine Association.

Ken Brown

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